Tuesday, 11 June 2013

이효리 (Lee Hyori) - 미스코리아 (Miss Korea) MV

HI GIRLS! baru-baru ini aku liat MV di youtube hihihi then suddenly i found the ved " lee hyo ri - miss korea" WOW i LOVE the song :D She is so pretty and gorgeous .. (*0*) Her face so classic in this mv ..
i love her very very very much after watch it .. about beauty , well i think dia curhat tentang standard kecantikan di Korea, and miss korea sendiri tentunya..i think she told us about beauty standart from plastic surgery, dress, glamaour, high class brand etc.. and i think it's kind a joke of womans's lifestyle nowadays.. #justinmyopinion, however i like it well

By the way anyway busway i like the song.. jazz, smooth, classic, elegant blah blah blah hahaha beautiful ^^ though i didn't understand korean language.. but still enjoy to listen it :D
my first impression is her make up on her face, she looks gorgeous, sexy, cute and pretty.. WOW if i compared it to Bad girl song, i love "miss korea song" most .. but i like both, Excellent hahahaha
The MV it self is black and white, it's like in the eras of 20th or 30th or 50th , maybe... hihi .. yang bikin aku suprise lagi she is about 34 years old! really? .. (T.T) i wish i had her face .. hahah!

I also enjoy the song, nice to find it and put the song into one of my fav music lists :P 

Enjoy the MV by " lee hyo ri - miss korea" ^^

 ~DA sisters~

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